Our Objectives

Digism has four fundamental objectives by which we operate our business.

  • To allow our clients and partners to benefit from our expertise and know-how through an open and collaborative approach.

  • To ensure sustainable and profitable long-term growth.

  • To provide a return on investment to shareholders.

  • To promote employee development.

We have developed guiding principles to make it easy to work and collaborate together, in a diverse environment. Collaboration, defined as the act of working together in the spirit of willing cooperation and exchange to achieve a shared objective, must be lived every day and is part of our cultural DNA.

Digism has a culture of decentralization characterized by significant delegation of power within a common global framework.

On Time and Above Client Expectation

Digism has developed a system to measure its own success. Clients are asked to indicate their main expectations regarding Digism's services, based on a set of relevant indicators related not only to the type of service provided, but also to the nature of the working relationship, knowledge sharing and qualitative factors. These indicators are documented and reviewed with the client, then used to produce a rating on an agreed schedule which is at least annually.


Digism has developed alliances with the top global technology leaders as well as with local players to form a unique ecosystem to better serve its clients. Through strategic and truly collaborative relationships with top technology providers Digism brings its business insight and accelerated methods to provide a winning combination and a compelling value proposition to clients.

The Learning Experience

The cornerstone of Digism's international training activities is its learning experience. The curriculum focuses on the most advanced skills development programs to assure the most thorough grounding in new technologies and business practices. Our collaborative learning, tools and techniques are driven through many of the courses, so that our clients and our own people have the most up-to-date knowledge about the benefits of collaboration.